dinghy project

Posted by Shawn on Nov 13, 2004

I thought that I might try this message board for help considering you guys probably have a lot of different experiences in finishing wood in different ways.

I am going to refinish a small plywood sailing dinghy that currently is painted on the bottom (flaking off) and varnished (?) on the inside of hull. I am going to take the boat down to bare wood and before I get too far into the project, thought that it might be a good idea to get different opinions on finishing the hull. I don't really want to get too involved and would like to refinish the boat using the easiest, most user friendly type of finish, both applying it and afterwards in using the boat. I was wondering what your experiences have been in using varnish verses painting verses using a product like an epoxy with fiberglass. I presently only have experience using varnish and don't really know what is involved in applying the others. Also, what are the differences in durability. Any suggestions are appreciated.