Re: From Plans

Posted by Dave Houser on Nov 12, 2004

I have built three boats from plans. You can build a kayak from plans for half the cost of a kit. It is just takes more time and some care to cut panels equal in quality. Many kit builders take a long time, years, and some never get completed. You have to assess why you are building a kayak and your tenacity to complete a 100-hour building commitment.

If you want to go cheap go by the book, “New Kayak Shop: More Eloquent Wooden Kayaks Anyone Can Build” by Chris Kulczycki for $15.37 and start scrounging materials.

I built my Yare from “The Kayak Shop” (the first edition of the book) for $100 using lauan plywood. However I would not recommend building a Yare or using lauan plywood.

In Response to: PRICES by PAUL on Nov 11, 2004