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Posted by LeeL on Oct 31, 2004

I have built two kayaks from kits made by Pygmy and CLC.

Shear Clamps: Definately the way to go.

Scarf joints: My CLC boat used scarf joints which were cut at the factory, they worked OK. My Pygmy kit used butt joints which were taped in each side. with 2" light weight tape. This also worked well and if building from plans appears to be easier at least to me.

Deck and hull glassing: On my Pygmy boat I put down a layaer of epoxy on the wood before putting on the glass and left it set for about 12 hours and then glassed over it. This seemed to work better although it might add some weight to the finished kayak.

Rear Bulkhead: I like to have some space behind the backband to store personal items and a sponge as anything in the hatches is not accessable while paddling.

End Pours: These are easy enough to do once the hatch openings are made. I find them necessary particularly of a rudder is to be installed. They also need to be as strong as possible so chopped glass strands are probably the way to go.

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