Re: Creating a Cambered D

Posted by Paul on Oct 27, 2004

JIm, Just glue a 3/4 x 3/4 timber around the top of the sidepanel from front to rear.

It will make things a LOT easier if you glue them on the panels BEFORE you stitch the hull up.

Then the shear clamps will hold the side panels in a fairer curve while you are stiching the hull up,stops the thin ply from flopping all over the place.

Then work out what radius you want on the FRONT and BACK deck,they dont have to be the same, as you can connect them in a transition slope around the middle of the cockpit.

Once you have the radi, bevel the shear clamps to suit for the front radi and the rear,make the transition bevel from the front bevel to the back bevel around the cockpit area.

Cut the deck ply about 1" larger around the edge.

Glue it on the shear clamps,deck beams and bulkheads.

An intelligent octapus or a helper will be needed to help bend the ply over.

Either nail it to the shear clamps or use DUCT tape to hold it down , trim and away you go! One very strong deck!!

Buy the " NEW KAYAK SHOP " book ,it has it all inside

Hope this helps ,

Cheers, Paul.

In Response to: Creating a Cambered Deck? by Jim Gleich on Oct 26, 2004