Re: Eastport Pram kit

Posted by Frank in NH on Oct 22, 2004

Hi Ellen, this is something we all faced with our first stich & glue kits(and our second, third, etc.). First, you want to leave all the wires fairly loose to start with.

My EP transoms did not appear to fit with the first two panels either. But once all the panels are stiched it will start to come together. At the stage you are at now you just want everything "roughly" in place.

You can look on my site at and see a pic of what my EP looked like when I finished stiching. You can see some big gaps on the transom.

If you read ahead in the manual you will see that once it is stiched, you will turn the hull over and then tighten everthing up.

Next, you will never get the transom's to fit "perfectly". The general rule of thumb given here is that when you do the final tighting you want to get all the "gaps" down to an "1/8" of an inch if possible but if you have a couple of inches at 1/4 " it can be filled with goop. If they are more like "1/2" then you probably want to play with the wires some more before gluing.

It is more important when doing the final tightening to make sure you don't have a "twist" in the boat.

Lastly, "you will break some wires!". It is enevatible that when trying to tighten it all down nice and neat you will break of some of the wires. No problem, just put in a new wire and go again. Also, we all wind up putting in some extra wires in places like the transom where you need to.

Hope this helps. -Frank


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