Mill Creek Update!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 20, 2004

Steve, the Mill Creeks actually get used about once a month, and I expect the pace to pick up over the winter.

First and foremost, they make ***excellent*** guest boats, especially since my guest paddlers either have no experience in kayaks, or were weaned on plastic SOT fishing yaks. Second, I aim to employ the MC for winter fishing, for the exact same reason it makes such a good guest craft: the MC13 is guaranteed to keep you safe and dry.

So yessir, I still love my little fat guy... but it's true I have to dust it off every time I take it down. I also think about makin' a sail rig for it, seems like that could be a lotta fun. Mind you, I don't know beans about sailboats; but then, I didn't know anything about kayaks either, not so long ago.

Cheers, Kurt

Pair O' Mill Creeks Project

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