Okoume isn't Mahogany

Posted by Charlie Jones on Oct 19, 2004

of any sort. It's Okoume, which is an african hardwood from Gabon and has no kinship to mahoganies. Refer to an article by Chris Kulczycki (who founded CLC) in Woodenboat #174, Sept/Oct 2003 for a full write up.

If you aren't glassing the okume is so much better to finish that there really is no choice. Building boats professionally, I can actually save the customer money by using Okume rather than D fir ply in a boat that is to be painted, whether glassed or not. The finishing is THAT much better. Plus there ARE no voids- none. I just delivered a 22 footer on Friday which used some 40 sheets of Okume. During the construction of the boat I found no one single void- not even one 1/16th wide.

For a tack and tape boat I don't see any other real choice besides okume. A chined boat, glassed and painted is different.

In Response to: OK Wood Experts by Mac on Oct 18, 2004