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Posted by Dave Houser on Oct 14, 2004

What gear to keep on deck, under the deck, in the cockpit, under the day hatch or stowed is largely personal choice. But the bottom line is anything you may need while paddling should NOT be in the flotation compartments. Try to never open floatation while at sea. So what is the list?

Pump Paddle Float Drinking Water 2-piece Spare Paddle Tow Line Chart Flashlight Emergency Kit Repair Kit Day Food Relief Bottle Paddling Jacket

Of that, the only thing that has to be on the deck is the paddle; it does not fit anywhere else. A two-piece euro is always kept on the far rear deck, however a storm greenland paddle can be kept on the front or the rear deck.

Most paddlers keep their paddle float and pump on the deck. But others keep them in their cockpit, knowing if they are out of the boat to need them, they will be accessible in the cockpit. However, anything that you may share when paddling with a group, like a pump, is good to have above deck, so you can get to it without removing your skirt.

Anything you may need quickly should be on the deck or on person. A towline while rock gardening should be worn but if out in open water it just needs to be accessible.

If using a chart it needs to be on the front deck.

All deck gear needs to be secured or waves will pluck it off. Clips or mini carabiners are good for most items. The pump will stay on if one bungee goes over the barrel and one is looped around the shaft under the handle. Many guys keep the paddle float on the front deck. If you fold it in half around the front chart bungee and then tuck both halves under the remaining chart bungees it will stay put.

It is basically personal choice. My choice; I keep the paddle on the back deck, paddle float clipped to the hour-glass bungee behind the cockpit right where it will be needed. On the front deck I keep a pump, water bottle, dive mask, (at night) a flashlight, and (when needed) a chart on the front deck.

I practice rolls every trip out, frequently to cool off, so the mask is usually kept handy.

If you are paddling on open water I suggest the full rigging, i.e. bungees in front of the cockpit, for paddle float out rigger hourglass and for the rear deck spare paddle and also a full perimeter line for rescues.

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