Glassing - small problem

Posted by jahrome on Oct 11, 2004

Filed down all the wires on Saturday and sanded yesterday afternoon. I loved this step! It was by far the most fun I've had on the project. So, I decided to go ahead and glass the hull yesterday too.

I mixed a quart of epoxy last night and got most of it on, covered the bottom of the boat just fine. I started on one of the sides and got a couple of feet spread out and noticed it was starting to gum up. I mixed just a little too much initially and it was starting to cure. The fiber wasn't getting "soaked" quite right either. Pretty frustrating and took me a long time to get this excess goop spread out. Well I moved on and finished glassing the hull but that one area never looked quite right.

Today the surface of some of the glass on that section is smooth yet I can still see the fiber. Should I sand down and try to epoxy it again? I'm painting the hull, though if I could fix this one section I might be tempted to scrap that idea and varnish the whole thing. Even with the flaws, it looks pretty amazing overall! Any advice?