Re: ruined epoxy part II

Posted by FrankP on Oct 10, 2004

Aaron, I had done something similar when mixing some epoxy for a new paddle. I wasn't sure the mix was that far off, so I went ahead with it. My paddle sat for about 2-3 weeks with that improper mix and remained gooey the whole time. I figured if I could get the blade shaped, I'd just glass over it and it should be okay.

Today, while sanding the blade, 6 of 15 strips fell completely off the blade. I just scraped the epoxy off with a carbide scraper and reglued them with the proper ratio. The mix is already hardening properly and it's only been a few hours. If a plastic putty knife doesn't work a metal one should. I don't think I really needed the carbide blade, but it definitely helped ensure I had a clean surface for the new epoxy.


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