Re: Block Plane

Posted by Dave Houser on Oct 10, 2004

I re read my post and though a little more clarification might help. The iron in smoothing planes have the sharpened bevel on the iron down so the actual cutting angle is to the side without the bevel which is 45 degrees. Block planes have the bevel up. Plane irons are sharpened at 25 degrees so the cutting angle in a standard block plane is 21 + 25 = 46 degrees the same as a smoothing plane. The low angle block plane is 13 + 25 = 38 degrees, a litte sharper attack to cut the end grain.

A hint in sharpening block planes. Since the flat side of the plane iron is down, the cutting edge wears the flat side. However you sharpen the iron on the other side, the bevel. You must remove enough metal sharpening the bevel to remove all of the worn edge from the flat side of the iron. If you do not you will have a sharp edge but the worn flat will still be touching the wood not the new sharp edge.

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