Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 9, 2004

Howdy gang...

This morning (10-9-04) I took myself out for my first paddle since the Big Bang. As I pulled into the Armand Bayou launch area, there was a sporty lookin' guy pulling out with what appeared to be a really slick looking Ch17LT on top of his (black) car. I tried to flag him down, but he just waved and kept on going. Another feller at the put-in said "hey, a guy with a(nother) wooden boat just pulled outa here... it was his first launch ever! He just christened it!! The damn thing hasn't even gotten its first scratch yet!!!" And I'm here to tell you it was certainly beautiful enough. All shiny and pretty...

And so, just in case that guy reads this forum, I say: we know you're out there! Stop trying to hide.

Cheers, Kurt