Re: epoxy vapour toxic?

Posted by LeeG on Oct 7, 2004

First off read more from the manufacturers of epoxy and other building sites. Epoxy is perfectly safe like driving a car is perfectly safe. If you ignore standard safety precautions then it's perfectly unsafe. You are not likely to feel the affects of epoxy (primarily hardener) vapors as you would with aromatic hydrocarbons like drying paint or curing polyester/vinylester resins where you start to feel woozy and fall over like addicts huffing paint,,or where lighting a cigarette will blow up the house where you've just applied paint thinner to a large area in an enclosed space with no ventilation. That kind of toxicity is obvious.

Epoxy is different but still requires protection. Contact with epoxy vapors is one step removed from skin contact with wet epoxy,,so if you're not sensitized to epoxy you're not likely to be bothered by the vapors although wearing a good respirator (filtered) is minimal protection in a basement space. If you have a skin sensitivity to wet epoxy then you're just as likely to develop irritated skin around the eyes or other reactions from working in a basement. Attaching your ROS to a shop vac. is a VERY good idea and an even better one is to get a 25' hose and put the vac outside. It'll be quieter and keep the dust outside. You can't say "eliminate any health hazard" any more than driving with a seat belt eliminates any risk in driving.

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