Off Topic: Kurt...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 7, 2004

Uhm, Kurt, I don't mean to engender any rivalries or jealousies or somptin like that BUT I was what I believe was a fireball during my last paddling trip. The meteorite fell visibly for at least 7-9 seconds, had a hugely bright streak behind it complete with smoke trailing behind it lit by the streak, I saw its mass glowing red (could have been an optical illusion, not sure yet) before it broke up in what looked like an explosive event. Sadly, my hearing sucks so I couldn't determine if there was any sizzling as Pete suggests could have been heard. I was so awed by it I forgot to make a wish. Luckily, I didn't have to wish for a new project because I have that old Night Heron thing waiting to start this winter.

Just wanted to let you in on some interesting atouspheric gossip in case you haven't read my trip report. Please elaborate if I actually saw something different from what Pete has suggest I saw. He says they are rare. I look up yonder very often and have never seen anything like it before.

Robert N Pruden