Re: Rolling Recess pic's

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 2, 2004

Dave, your idea and execution looks fabulous, as always! SUPER COOL!!

I just happened to be revisiting the Ch16/17LT design last night, as I lay in pain, and got to wondering why on Earth there's so much camber to the aft deck (of course, I was also looking at ways of reducing windage in the forward hull as well).

I'm just thinking it would be a really simple matter to make the rear deck nearly flat to accomplish 90% of the same objective you achieved. Not that I'm second-guessing your approach, just thinking it would be easier for those with less confidence in their ability than you evidently sport.

Also, I have always wondered why the forward coaming gets recessed. What's the purpose?

Cheers, Kurt

PS: I'm still looking at the Cape Ann Storm LT as this winter's project, with a graphite coaming and recess like John Caldeira has done (ala One Ocean Kayaks instrux/website).

In Response to: Rolling Recess pic's by Dave Houser on Oct 1, 2004