suggestion: yearly awards

Posted by Erik, Belgium on Sep 28, 2004

My suggestion here is to start with some yearly awards for wooden canoe and kayak building.

I 've been thinking about this for a while already, and my idea is a webplace where each one could upload his best acchievement of the year, and others where invited to choose:

_ class A: the best new SOF kayak of the year _ class B: the best new S&G kayak of the year _ class C: the best new strip kayak of the year _ class D: the best new hybrid kayak of the year _ class E: the best new strip solo canoe of the

year _ class F: the best new strip double canoe of

the year _ class G: the best new wood & canvas canoe of

the year _ class H: best new wooden outrigger canoe of

the year (SOF, S&G or strip) _ class I: the best restored wooden canoe of

the year _ class J: the best restored wooden kayak of

the year _ class K: most renewing idea of the year (e.g.

the Moby hatch fasteners, a

completely new appraoch, recently

posted on

Now I'm familiar with IT, but I 'm NOT keen on working on a website for months, SO here is my proposal: _ I will offer the webspace on my website


to publish one webpage for each project. _ you send me an e-mail with a brief

description of your project including

some pictures _ You can send more entries, when you have more

than 1 project per year. _ my e-mailaddress is


(I don't like spam, please replace the 'at'

and 'dot') _ I will NOT publish your e-mail address on my

webpage, to avoid spammers.

_ Your e-mail entries should barry this information:

- your first and last name

- age

- location, continent

- entry for which class (canoe, kayak, SOF,


- type of canoe/kayak

- self designed OR plans from which supplier

- built as a kit / or what woodwork did you do

yourself ?

- a brief description of your project in

English (max. 200 words)

- maximum 5 pictures of your project as

attachment in the e-mail

-> The resolution of the images should be

800x600, if different, I will resize

those pictures when being published on

the website

-> Best use the types for images BMP, JPG,


- Maximum e-mail size will be < 2 Megabytes

More information about voting will follow later on.

Cheers, Erik, Belgium.