Simply Smashing

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 23, 2004

Day before yesterday I was headed down Texas 6 looking to go fishing; but some kid eating lunch in a company truck cut my endeavor short by making a left turn without considering my hurtling presence. BAM!!! I effectively hit a stationary GMC pickup broadside doing 50+ mph.

My Cormorant stayed on the racks! The cradles were damaged, and the mounting brackets bent, but hey... we're talkin' about a tangle that totalled both vehicles involved and landed me in the hospital! Just consider this as another reminder to use proper lashing techniques and practices. My yak is safe and sound, and it ain't because its return to Earth was softened by some erstwhile warm body who only showed up to see a little demolition derby.

Oh... me? Shoot man, I'm a tough hombre - ain't no little wreck gonna slow ME down none! Well okay, maybe a little...

Cheers, (ow!) Kurt