Re: Fiberglass this Weeke

Posted by Homer on Sep 23, 2004

Hi, I am just now winding up my second boat, so I feel experienced in responding to your questions.

Once you get started, you will see how quickly you get comfortable with it. Starting is the hurdle.

The simple answer to your question is - about 8 - 10 hours minimum and about 32 hours maximum. That is not official, that is only from my experience. I just make sure the coat has not sticky and tackiness to it + a few hours.

Basically in similar temps to yours, after smoothing the cloth out as much as I could (which is very easy), I used a roller and squeegie to lightly spread and infuse the glass with epoxy and after the first 2 minutes I "got it" and it was easy to do.

I do that in the AM, and by the PM it was ready for another coat (no longer sticky). OR I would do one coat at the same time each day (24 hour wait) for 3 days until I was done.

I am carefully not to gob it on and just to thin coats and do the tipping (feathering technique) to keep a smooth surface. After rolling a 2 foot square area, I take a 4" wide foam brush and as light as possible pass it over the wet epoxy surface one stripe at a time, only in one direction for the sole purpose of popping any air bubbles. Perfect result each time.

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