Hollow blues...

Posted by jahrome on Sep 23, 2004

I've stitched, and (painfully) had to restitch in order to get the keel to be more of a fair curve. It's close, but now I think the problem is initially I tightened the stiches too tight in the hull panels, then made some too loose and the middle of the hull panels flattened out too much. So I get a hollow in the middle of the boat. Fortunately there is enough play in the middle of the hull panels to give a fair curve but no amount of tightening the middle stitches and loosening others can get it to stay that way.

I don't want to have to restart the process (again) so when I turn the boat over I think I'm going to wire my middle saw horse to kayak to pull down at the center. Anyone else have to go through this or have any other ideas before I plunge ahead??

Best Regards, Jeremy