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Posted by Tom M. on Sep 21, 2004

I'm just getting ready to do this myself this week/weekend and got some hints and tips from this forum in other threads the last couple of weeks. I posted a question about some conflicting directions in my CLC manual as far as the deck overhang.

You should put tape about 1" down from the line to use as your line for glassing. I was thinking to attach plastic at this point so that no epoxy would get on the hull.

But what I ended up doing was attaching my rubrails flush with the top of the deck, first before deck glassing. Now my plan it to glass the deck and over the rubrails, down the rubrail sides and use the bottom outside of the rubrail is the natural cutoff point for my fiberglass. And I won't have to worry about feathering in the deck glass to the hull!

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