Re: avoiding visible dama

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 21, 2004


For heaven's sake don't paddle anywhere where there are rocks, sand, gravel ... or water, for that matter. In other words, avoid planet Earth at all costs.

Seriously, as was discussed some time back, the granite in Maine seems to be sharper than in Canada or farther south - a good place for rub strips on the keel. Another thing I've learned repeatedly the hard way, forgotten repeatedly and re-learned is to carry or drag the boat (on the stern rub-strip-protected keel) above the tide line if you're stopping to picnic, explore or conquer the natives. Those incoming tides on a rocky beach, compounded by waves and exacerbated by boat wakes, can remove a remarkable amount of finish and epoxy in minutes.

Some folks is builders, some is sailors, a dear, departed sailor friend of mine used to say. The builders will take their pride in the polished art of a fine wooden hull. The sailors will value the visibly hard-used, very functional boat.

You'll find out who you are soon enough.


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