Re: stress crack

Posted by Terry on Sep 15, 2004

Guess I'll add my two cents worth! I question the "stress" part of this. Why would there be excessive stress in that area? The probability is that another reason is at play for the crack. The drilling process really should not be neces-sary as the layers of the okaume run the grain in different directions. My bottom panel parted when I was wiring it together and I patched it by building it up inside w/epoxy thickened w/ cab-o-sil and a 4mm blank, I now think 6oz fiberglas would have been sufficient eliminating this next step. The patch was held in place by six or eight brass screws, nuts and washers, so the epoxy was spread evenly by the equal pres-sure. I removed the screws after set up. Again, I don't think you need to go that far. I like the filling idea and the strapping plan but you will need two triangular blocks to keep the strap from slipping and to apply even pressure along the lentgh of the crack. You could even notch the blocks to secure the straps, at least 2. Clamps will suffice if they are big enough. I think you nedd to investigate other areas to trace the root of the crack or it will almost certainly reoccur. Good luck, Terry.

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