Re: No deck nails?

Posted by RonC on Sep 15, 2004


I built my MC 15 without nails. Used plenty of straps, rope and strapping tape on the ends where the regular straps and rope wouldn't hold on the curved parts of the keel. Turned out great. Don't forget to coat the underside of the deck with unthickened epoxy before you get ready to lay the deck on. Works alot better if you have two people. Take it slow and averything will fall in place.

I plan to do the deck on my Ches 18 without nails but on that one, I'll be using temporary screws to hold the deck down. Once cured, I'll remove the screws, drill 3/8" holes and put teak bungs in the holes. strictly a cosmetic variation to my wife's Ches 17 which is nailed.


In Response to: No deck nails? by Jon T on Sep 15, 2004