Re: stress crack

Posted by Mac on Sep 10, 2004


There are stress cracks like Andy's, and wise cracks like yours. GOOD ONE!

I'm amazed that we got through 10 posts on the subject before flying off the rails. Shape up folks, Kurt would be ashamed of us. Terry Mcadams actually responded without loosing it!

Michelle, my guess would be that the plywood was stressed more in that particular area than over the rest of its area during the build, and was just waiting for the right circumstances of load, shock, temperature or whatever to relax or let go. Plywood is not a perfect medium, and can have small voids or gaps in the inner layer (it's usually 3 plys on the deck) making it less resiliant to bends. Sometimes it lets go right away, sometimes layer. As it was epoxied, it only cracked a little. The question now is, how much further does it want to go?

There are a lot of good ideas here - but in the end it's really a bit of a shot in the dark as we don't really know what's going on without xrays.

Best wishes Andy!

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