Re: First Paddle!!!!

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 8, 2004

Also, thigh braces allow you to counter any wobble you might create by leaning one way or the other. The human brain has a way of automatically adjusting for any imbalance it senses. In a sitting position counter balancing is done using leg movement (hence the braces), torso rotation and head movement (enough weight up there to make a big difference) and, of course, the flopping arms (just like in the Chicken Dance). The thigh braces communicate these little corrections the brain sends to help you stay balanced. Pressure applied to the footpegs also helps translate balancing movements to keep you afloat.

Congratulations on the launch, especially since it is a father-son project thing. I hope you got some pictures to share, I love seeing the fruit of long labors, especially when it relates to kayak building and huge grins on the faces of the new paddlers.

Robert N Pruden

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