Never mind

Posted by RogerJ on Sep 6, 2004

I guess you are enjoying your holiday, me too. We had the grandkids, over both Sat. and Sunday. Trying to teach the older (17 mo's.) to dribble a ball and hop. Jump shots coming up. Oh yeah the canoe. A number of builders have posted picture of the type of ugly cures we were getting with epoxy. Different brands different locales, hot temperatures. This time I did not wash the hull after sanding, just vacuumed and a dry wipe down.I let the hull sit in the garage a couple of days as I was too busy (grandkids). I applied epoxy, a one pump each mix and added 1/2 TBSP silica to that and applied with a rag pad from heavy T-shirt material. I rubbed it in and spread it as thin as I could (squee gee didn't pick up much). It took 3 batches to do a 15' X 34 1/2" hull with some left over. No runs, sags or wrinkles. Very smooth surface. May try sanding Monday. RogerJ

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