Re: Yes, should add . . .

Posted by Laszlo on Sep 1, 2004


A way around that is to let the epoxy actually cure beyond the tacky stage and then adding the fabric.

Sealing the wood first is a good thing. If you apply a very thin layer of epoxy with a squeegee and let it cure, it'll pretty much stop outgassing on subsequent coats. It also cuts down on epoxy use and lets you mix smaller batches on subsequent coats. And if you're covering with glass cloth, the glass will wet out better since it's not competing with the wood for what epoxy there is.

As long as you only wait until it's cured just beyond tacky, you'll get the chemical bond instead of the mechanical one (though I've never heard of a clean, properly done mechanical bond failing before the wood or glass) and have no more worries than usual about blush.


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