Considering a Skerry??

Posted by Steven R on Sep 1, 2004

First, just let me say that if you are considering a Skerry, go for it. They are a blast to build, row, and sail.

I am always concerned that people considering a Skerry may wonder why there is little mention of it on this forum and doubt its popularity. To the contray, it is popular enough to have it's own forum (see link below). Many are aware of this forum, but every so often I feel the need to point it out for those who are lookng for more info on this design.

The Skerry Forum started about a year ago when many of the original builders were working through the "newness" of the building process. It has since grown and is a very active site that is now frequented by experienced Skerry builders who are very willing to share what they have learned. Check it out.

Steven Roberts

Skerry Builders Forum