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Posted by LeeG on Aug 30, 2004

The reinforced hatches do make for a strong deck, at the hatch. What happens between the aft bulkhead and the aft hatch was still overlooked for heavier paddlers in the big kayaks with 4oz glass only on the top side of 4mm Okoume.

The need for glass on both sides of the aft deck right between the cockpit and aft hatch is as valid as the need for glass on both sides of the bottom panels where the distance between the joints is large enough for flexing to crack the epoxy seal. You can tell the difference right on a standard Chesapeake,,turn the hull over and press down on a bottom panel under the cockpit. There's very slight flexing, basically bombproof with 6oz on both sides of 4mm Okoume. Now move your hand over the aft compartment about a foot from the bulkhead where there's no 6oz cloth between the 3" 9oz tape. And press down untill there's some flexing,,you might hear some cracking sounds,,that's the epoxy seal coat cracking and black ick will follow soon thereafter. As Steve, and others who use the kayaks discovered, if you're learning rescues the aft deck will get as much point pressure as any part of the hull. When epoxied Okoume is allowed to flex at some point the epoxy seal coat cracks and bingo you get black ick in sealed compartments in warm weather. Every square inch of 4mm okoume doesn't have to have Xoz glass on both sides. Just the parts getting the stress. If your kayak isn't getting the stress it doesn't need the glass.

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