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Posted by Howard on Aug 26, 2004

i am just in the process of refinishing a clc17lt that i built four seasons ago.

only issue with the epoxy i could see was a bit of print-through (you could start to see a bit of the weave pattern in the paint). i believe this is due to a bit of shrinkage over time in the resin.

other than the shrinkage, there was some sun fade. (you could can clearly see the lines where the deck gear shaded the epoxy/wood). as i am refinishing i am surprized that there is basically no other discernable degradation in the epoxy/wood structure.

the boat had a bright deck and painted sides/bottom and was not treated hard. no water infiltration or staining. boat was always thoroughly dry before being put away. the boat was was kept inside a garage between paddles. it averaged 4 hours out on the water three times a week spring summer fall for those four years. the epoxy was the clc house brand...which i believe was MAS.


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