Re: Order of Finish

Posted by Mark Camp on Aug 24, 2004

Rob, I have one caution to add when reading the great note from Steve.

There is a difference between (a) sanding to get the surface smooth and fair, and (b) sanding between coats of finish to give the next coat something to bite into.

Steve's note, about the progression of grits, describes the former.

Between coats, you only use ONE grit rather than a progression, because the surface is already smooth and you are just roughing it up slightly.

As to what that one grit should be, there are differing opinions, but regardless of whether you believe in 400 or something coarser or finer, I think everyone agrees that you don't progress through multiple grits during that phase. And that, if you HAVE to, then you started finishing before you were ready, and you are going to lose a lot of your finish work as you backtrack.

In Response to: Re: Order of Finish by Rob on Aug 23, 2004