Re: Deck Nails Too High

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 22, 2004

Ray, never forget to keep your eye on the bigger picture -- it's a good idea not only in kayak making, but in all things.

If whacking the crap out of the nails in order to set 'em is going to affect your sheer joint adversely, then you really kinda sorta wanta discover it on dry land. I know there's a nail every three inches, but still, if my sheer joint bond is gonna give up the ghost that easily, I want to know all about it BEFORE I TRUST MY LIFE TO THE STINKIN' BOAT.

I like to utilize the mental exercise of "what's the worst that can happen?" when faced with such a question. I mean, if I happen to see that my epoxy likes to crumble and *go away* on impact, however repeated, then I'm gonna write to CLC and/or the Forum and say "hey, whatsupwiddat???"

You're also going to get a fiberglass overlap on your sheer joint, as you 'glass your deck, don't forget. These are good, safe designs and materials you have been directed to use, and it's never a bad idea to make sure of things beforehand. Just always keep in mind the big picture, including the fact that one fathom is just as good as sixty to your honky air-breathin' @ss.

So set them nails, and if you encounter a failure, consider yourself a real genius. I'm not making fun of you, either. Not at all.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Deck Nails Too High by RayA on Aug 22, 2004