Too many damn choices!

Posted by Michelle Moran on Aug 21, 2004

So far in this building process, I have learned that having two instruction manuals, and no experience, makes it hard to know which way is right. (Who would have thunk that the book -- The Canoe Shop by the CLC founder -- and the CLC instruction manual would have different instructions, but there you have it...)

Anyway, the book says to put the inwales and outwales on after the canoe is stitched and epoxied. The instruction manual says to glue the inwales and outwales to their appropriate plank prior to stitching that plank in place. I realize you can probably do it both ways, but any suggestions for one method over the other?

Also, is it worth the trouble to bevel the inwales for the bow and stern joints, or does cutting them short work just as well? These joints won't be visible under the deck, but would the beveled joints make a stronger boat?