Re: varnish and paint

Posted by Curtis Whatley on Aug 21, 2004

Details. I want to have my boat ready to be in the water by the end of next week, in time for vacation. I will most likely put 3 coats of varnish in the cockpit to provide UV protection. I might change my mind later and want to paint the cockpit. I could wait, the boat will not be exposed to that much sun, put getting back to work on it could be awhile. I have the world's worst paint and varnish job and will be doing it over in the future. I live in way south Texas and we are having a little dust problem. The wind whistles through my shed and to add insult to injury the geckos guano on my boat. The upside, the boat WILL be in the water.

In Response to: Re: varnish and paint by Steve Miller on Aug 21, 2004