Re: Epoxy is peeling

Posted by Mark Camp on Aug 19, 2004

At least three common causes have been suggested in replies.

1. Amine Blush You have eliminated that.

2. Waited too long (for the wet-coat technique) to apply the later coat (the one that peeled), given the temperature in the shop and the speed of the hardener you chose. Didn't sand before applying the second coat (the dry-coat technique), which essential if if you don't choose wet-coat technique.

3. Contamination of the surface before appling the failed coat. Some have reported on this forum that washing with solvents, other than water, before recoating can cause serious problems, and it is common for contamination to occur from other activities in the shop...aerosol sprays of WD-40, silicone, paint, etc, for example.

Have you eliminated 2 and 3, before looking for more exotic causes? These are simple common causes that are easily eliminated.

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