Bought my kit too early

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 14, 2004

For those people who wonder why there are procrastinators in this world, it's because we're trained to be.

If you buy your computer now, next week there'll be something twice as good for the same price.

If you buy the perfect Christmas present for your sister-in-law in October, they'll be divorced in November.

If you bought your CH16LT kit at the beginning of July, as I did, CLC offers a $75 certificate if you wait until August 12th.

What's the reward for promptness? The eternal hatred of those still working on their taxes and Christmas shopping and paying cash for $75 worth of accessories that the procrastinators got free. Not worth it to hurry up.

Writing this on Friday to post Saturday night (who knows, the hurricane may wipe out the East Coast and I won't have to bother),