Re: Happy Bottom Pad

Posted by LeeG on Aug 13, 2004

in the wide kayaks a happy butt seat without some kind of bracing to pull the "wings" in a bit will allow for a lot of slop for some folks outfitting a kayak for rolling. For 90% of the folks paddling on flat water it's not an issue but I find the biggest problem with not using hip plates is that the back band strap gets routed around your kidneys, if there's enough minicell bracing there then it's no problem but if you are learning to roll and the back band strap is inches from any hip brace then it's not comfortable. Experiment,,you can always put the HB seat in and see how it works then build up behind the 'wings' with temporary pieces of minicell or wood duct taped into position. You'll notice the HB wings are wider than the pyramid shaped hip braces,,so there's no need to use them if you're going custom.

In Response to: Re: Happy Bottom Pad by Doug Judd on Aug 13, 2004