Re: Mill Creek for Mom

Posted by C. fronzek on Aug 11, 2004

Josh, 10 lbs. in a small boat is a lot. Never built this particular boat but I know the weight saving drill. You'll have to use expensive okoume plywood because it is the lighest. If you can get away with using plywood that's 1 mm thinner that will help. You must keep your epoxy use to a minimum. Epoxy is the densest component in S&G. Anything that soaks up epoxy should be eliminated if possible. Very small fillets. All taped seams must have all the excess epoxy squeegeed out. No end pours. No 'glass sheathing on the outside. Shear clamps and cockpit framing should be the lightest wood you can get. Don't know how the good folks at CLC feel about having their design bolderized like this. The high dollar alternative is an ultralite layup Kevlar canoe. For only $2200-$2500 this lady can have a 16 foot Kevlar wonderboat that's not much heavier that a basket of wet laundry. Good luck, Charlie

In Response to: Mill Creek for Mom by Josh on Aug 11, 2004