Re: Hip Brace Placement

Posted by LeeG on Aug 5, 2004

sure, if the hip braces are jammed under the deck they're in solid and aren't intruding into the cockpit too much. It could still rip out at the edge of the coaming if your body weight slammed onto a cantilevered section of minicell but I bet in a narrow NB coaming it would be protected under the coaming with the seat area wider than the 15" wide coaming(is that what the NB coaming is?). I've heard some folks in skinny low decked greenland boats prefer a little slop in the hips with a low deck but I'd still rather not be able to fall side/side too much.

The small cockpit boats like the NB can get away with just a minicell seat/hipbraces and the assumption the paddler is familiar with sitting in an upright position with a low back band. To answer your question better if the entire seat is molded well the distinction between hips/seat is moot as it's all "the seat" with less effort in the knees/thighs to brace/roll up. Hmm maybe that's not clear,,if you have a good fitting thigh braces it can compensate for sloppy hip bracing but it'll increase the pressure on the knees/thighs.

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