Outer Island

Posted by Kurt Loup on Aug 5, 2004


Haven't finished the Grebe, so the count remains at 6. I had hoped my nephew and neices would have shown more interest, but they haven't. I have a 3 month old now, so a few boats will be in his future.

The Outer Island is a great kayak, but my experience is limited to the kayaks I've built and a few minutes in my friend's wife's CLC 17LT. The OI tracks great and seems relatively fast. It feels stable when the water gets rough. It's my favorite and all who have paddled it like it as well. I have no complaints other than my size 11 feet have to point outwards more than in other kayaks due to the low deck. I think a sloping front bulkhead used as a footrest would be more comfortable. Now that I have more experience in kayaks, I wish I would have stuck to the stock, smaller cockpit size. I wanted the OI and my wife's Guillemot to have compatible sizes so that our spray skirts would be interchangeable.


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