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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 5, 2004


Lee Valley should have cabinet scrapers. They can also be made from good sheet steel like old saw blades. They're nothing more than rectangles and curves of thin steel with one edge burnished to form a tiny hook.

Somewhere, years ago, there was an article on making, preparing and using cabinet scrapers. Wooden Boat, maybe? Anyone out there remember where it was?

The waxed paper is a good idea. I'm too lazy to do that.

I do think the deck along side the front of the combing needs a bit of reinforcement, but just my opinion, hence my recent penchant for the thin stiffener where the beam would normally go. But I could be overly cautious, or dumb, or both.

Yeah, I would fill the rest of the weave in spots with epoxy and scrape it prior to varnishing. Also consider using brass rub strips instead of heavy layers of glass to reinforce the keel ends. Lighter and far more durable. CLC should add this stuff to their kits. I can e-mail you directions to install it.

Jamestown Distributors should have all kinds of carbide scrapers, as well as the brass half-oval for the rub strips. Maybe cabinet scrapers also? Did you look in Home Depot. My local one has a pretty good selection and extra blades.

Anyhow, it's summer. Get that boat in the water pronto!


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