Re: Poplar

Posted by Cain on Aug 4, 2004

I havn't worked with poplar too much, but my dad has been in the wood business for years, and I grew up learning wood. I agree with most people on this post in that you probably have yourself some tulip poplar stock. I can't really see a major problem with using it as a deck. It's not very hard to work with since it is one of the softer harwoods, and if the color doesn't bother you, go for it. I too am using a different wood for my deck. I am using a figured(light responsive marks) and blistery(bubble-like) california maple, or big-leaf maple as some might know it. It's .6mm veneer, since that is the business dad is in, and I had it book-and-butt laminated to plywood to produce a beautiful deck. Now my only hopes are that I don't mess up in attaching it to the boat, since this is my first time(see "I need a little help" above). Please keep me posted on how your deck works out.

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