The PERFECT boat cart

Posted by joe on Jul 29, 2004

ive toiled for 9 years on making the best boat cart. Ive found it !!! Its a Deer Cart from Grizzly Tree Stands !!Its meant to carry deer carcasses out of the woods after has 2 wheels with a common axle with a high center of gravity !It will hold 300 lb...2 pcs of pvc pipe , foam and duct tape..make it THE BEST!! bought 4 of them after deer season at Gander Mountain @ 45$ each !!Wish id bought more ! Storing boats in summer makes it easy to mow the back yard as these are always mobile!!! you cant beat THESE!!! NO EFFORT TO PULL THESE!!!!

In Response to: Re: kayak dolly by Joe Lombardo on Jul 28, 2004