Re: No fill wire holes?

Posted by Howard on Jul 29, 2004

in my experience, if you don't fill the hole, you tend to get a little bubble under the glass...which i would rather not have.

i appreciate that it can be a bit of a hassle to fill all these little holes...and if you do fill them, its important to be careful not to leave excess material outside of the hole that then makes it a sanding effort to get a smooth hull.

i ussually fill with a narro, stiff putty knife and make sure that after filling the whole i take a strong wipe get any excess woodflour-thickened epoxy off the side. its ok to see the discolouration of expoxy...(it will go away when you glass the rest of the hull) what you want to avoid is the thickened epoxy and then having to sand it down.


In Response to: No fill wire holes? by Homer on Jul 28, 2004