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Posted by FrankP on Jul 27, 2004


Yep. As it stands my shaft is Basswood, Walnut, Basswood. The blades are Mahogany, 2 layers of Soft Maple, Purpleheart, 2 layers of Basswood, Walnut, and then back through the list in reverse order.

My daughter swapped the Walnut and Purpleheart for her paddle. At this point I haven't really looked at any specific instructions, but I remember thinking that Ross Leidy's looked pretty good. That's probably what I'll look at for finality, but I don't know about his dimensions. (I don't remember what he went with finally.) I'm planning on 18" x 5.5" blades for my paddle (215 cm overall length) and 14" x 4.5" for my daughter's blades (probably 175 cm overall length).

I'm planning to make a greenland paddle which will probably be mostly walnut and basswood with perhaps some mahogany or purpleheart accents. I'm not entirely sure yet.


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