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Posted by FrankP on Jul 27, 2004


I'm actually in the process of making 4 or 5 paddles. I'm laminating a wooden paddle for myself, and one for my daughter. These will both be Euro style. I'm also trying to make some CF paddles (also Euro). I was planning on coring them with foam, but that turned out to have far too large a radius so I bought a 1" PVC pipe. I will wax it with some silicon spray (or something similar--and probably some saran wrap to be sure) then layup the CF so that I can get at least the 1 1/8" diamter of the inside of the CF Ferule I bought. I figure this will be 2 layers of CF. The blades will be fiberglass initially using one of Shawn Baker's methods. If that works I'll try CF.

I'm also planning to laminate a greenland style paddle and perhaps I'll try making a CF one as well. That will be more difficult. We'll see if I'm up for it.


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