Re: Best way to thin varn

Posted by Chris Taylor on Jul 23, 2004

The Flagship cans say 20% for first coat (for good penetration, especially on raw wood) and then 10% for subsequent coats, except if weather is hot and humid in which case go back to 20%. I could tell the straight varnish was going to be too heavy and my mix of 5 tablespoons Flagship to a bit less than 1 tablespoon thinner (in pretty hot weather) had a rich, but not watery consistency that dried fast and mirror smooth. One has to work fairly quickly and strategically to maintain a fresh wet edge. Between the 2 boats I believe it is also more resistant to scratching (however, I am still in the new-boat babying stage). :-)

In Response to: Re: Best way to thin varn by Terry Mcadams on Jul 22, 2004