Re: Pax 20 speed vs. CH 1

Posted by LeeG on Jul 22, 2004

If you are serious about paddling in 1.5" waves you will find that there's more to a racing hull then being long/skinny/plumb bow. For an analogy think of an early 70's muscle car with a big engine and primitive suspension compared to a Porsche with less horsepower but better handling,,once the road has turns attributes other than straight line speed become significant for getting from point A to B in the fastest time,,or comfort. In the Pax20 configuration of four panels the plumb bow results in a large vertical wave piercing bow suspended above the water far from the paddler. That wave piercing bow becomes a leverage point that does not occur with plumb bows on molded racing hull shapes,,,ie. surf-skis, Epic 18, QCC700.

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