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Posted by Pete Roszyk on Jul 21, 2004

Hi there, guys.

Jeez, what an 'f'-ing mess! One little typo and you're all over me like an Eastern summer sweat.

As I mentioned, I haven't had to use it for quite a while, but it still took only a few minutes to set up again with my CLC West River 164.

While originally I used the cart 'as is', with no significant modifications, I did later make some changes for a better fit. The major change was to cut off the original handle and use part of that to extend the 'rear' mount farther aft.

This longer length between cradles allowed the cart's frame to flex, so I added a block of wood to the middle, right over the axle. That way, when I tighten the strings from the rear webbing, through eyelets at the axles, to the rope cleats on each side of the cockpit, the boat settles onto the center mount without flexing the cart frame.

The places where I cut or welded show up as red because that was the color Rustoleum I found first.

The wheels come off quickly by loosening thumbscrews, and the whole thing fits easilly into the rear hatch. I does take up a bit of room, so it's not a camping trip item.

While I picked this one up for $5, I've seen new ones advertised (Garts or G I Joe or Big 5?) for under $20.

The only warning I can think of concerns weight: My golf bag & clubs weighs maybe 30 lbs., while Kayaks run a bit more than that. Certainly a boat loaded with gear would be pushing this cart's capacity.


Pete Roszyk, in Snohomish, Washington


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