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Posted by Chris Taylor on Jul 21, 2004

These are all good suggestions above. I build a CH16 that came in at 40 lbs fully rigged (no rudder) and this what I did:

- 1/2" small masked fillets (important) - tab seams and pull wires before laying fillets - rounded bottom edge of shear clamps - rounded bottom edge of deck beam - small endpours mixed with sawdust and shavings (large enough to tie in the shears and accommodate a future rudder if desired). - round over keel and chines. - reinforce keel with 1 layer of bevel-cut 6 oz glass strips on only the first and last 2 ft sections (max wear area only). Some paddling environments may demand more protection. - 2.5 oz glass on the deck with 1" overlap - no rub rails - 2" light-weight tape on seams - no tape (only small fillets) on bulkhead seams - only use squeege for thin coat epoxy application (very important) - 4 oz glass in cockpit. - remove all excess expoxy that squeezes out of joints

I was going to go without nails, but after a couple of dry runs with tape, decided to use nails.

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